Feeding Support Appointment (Clinic)


This is a one-hour appoint­ment to dis­cuss and observe feed­ing and make a plan. It includes two weeks of fol­low-up by email or text.

Antenatal Feeding Discussion (Clinic)


This is a chance to dis­cuss your hopes for feed­ing and make a plan. It includes two weeks of fol­low-up by email or text after your baby’s birth.

Tongue tie assessment, feeding review and tongue tie division


This appoint­ment will last about one hour and includes tongue tie divi­sion if indicated.

If divi­sion is not indic­ated, or you choose not to go ahead with divi­sion, the charge is £80 for assess­ment and feed­ing review only.


Can­cel­la­tion more than 24 hours before appoint­ment – No charge

Can­cel­la­tion less than 24 hours before appoint­ment – £80

What Our Clients Say

My wife and I were getting conflicting messages from various midwives regarding whether our son was tongue tied, so we decided to seek specialist opinion. Helen was outstanding. She calmly assessed our son, explained the options and completely put our minds at rest.

The procedure was straightforward and quick and Helen made every effort to remove stress from both mum and dad, and baby. After the procedure she gave expert advice on breastfeeding and followed up a few days later to check everything was ok. Our son’s feeding has improved and his weight has returned to within a normal range. I could not recommend Helen and her clinic enough.

Patrick Watt

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